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Holographic glasses made of cardboard

Approximately 300 years ago, physicist Isaac Newton looked at a sun ray through a glass prism and discovered that light consists of a spectrum of seven colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The colour of solid objects depends on the colour of light rays it reflects. Thus, a red object is seen as red as it reflects the red light and absorbs all others. If you look at light wearing these glasses, you can enjoy a play of colours.

Note! Never look directly at the Sun, as this may harm your eyes!

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1 in stock


I bet you have stared at the starry sky on an August night and yearned for looking at those shiny dots at least a bit closer. Could we go to live on a star or another planet? But what’s behind the stars? Is this where the world ends? But what’s behind the end of the world, then?

Sometimes, you look at a grain of sand under a microscope and discover that it holds an entire world. It is not perfectly round at all but has its mountains and valleys, grooves and cliffs. And then you want to know what’s inside those grooves. Perhaps someone’s living there?

If you are also interested in such questions, we are similar.

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