When Gods Spoke: Researches and Reflections on Religious Phenomena and Artefacts. Studia in honorem Tarmo Kulmar


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This Festschrift is dedicated to Professor Tarmo Kulmar on the occasion of his 65th birthday. The volume contains 23 papers from Tarmo Kulmar’s friends, colleagues and students. The papers cover quite an extensive field of religious studies from archaeology and source text analysis to modern religious trends, politics, and the methodology of religious studies. All these are areas to which Professor Kulmar has contributed a great deal over more than 40 years of academic study.

* Manfried Dietrich: Das Geburtsritual für den ersten Menschen und für seine Begabung mit autogenerativer Kraft in der 1. Tafel des Atramḫasīs-Epos. Ein mesopotamisches Beispiel für die mythologische Präfiguration von Ritualen
* Amar Annus: Divinity as a Mind or Mechanism according to Diametric Model of the Social Brain
* Peeter Espak: Was Eridu The First City in Sumerian Mythology?
* Andreas Johandi: Public Speaking in Ancient Mesopotamia: Speeches before Earthly and Divine Battles
* Aivar Kriiska: Foreign Materials and Artefacts in the 4th and 3rd Millennia BCE Estonian Comb Ware Complex
* Mait Kõiv: Cults, Myths and State Formation in Archaic Argos (Greece)
* Märt Läänemets: On the Meaning of ‘Good Friendship’ in Buddhism
* Jaan Lahe: Mithra in Kleinasien und Mithra(s) im Römerreich: Sind die römische Mithras-Mysterien in Kleinasien entstanden?
* Lauri Liiders: Triratna Buddhists: A Case Study of a Buddhist Community in Estonia
* Holger Mölder: The Inca Legacy and Indigenous Political Movements in Contemporary Latin America
* Urmas Nõmmik: Uku Masing und Paul Volz: Gott und das Dämonische
* Urmas Pappel: Overview of Major Events that Changed China’s Position in the World Order during the Past Two Centuries
* Indrek Peedu: The Curious Case of the Phenomenology of Religion
* Ain Riistan: Mark 8:22–26: What Do We Make of a Jesus Who Spits?
* Priit Rohtmets: Estonian Missionaries in China during the Early 20th Century
* Peeter Roosimaa: Über den Tod in der Bibel
* Vladimir Sazonov: Justifi cation of Wars and the Ideology of Divine Warfare in Ancient Mesopotamia
* Vladimir Sazonov and Andreas Johandi: Royal Titulary used by Darius I in the Bīsitūn Inscription: Mesopotamian Influences
* Sergei Stadnikov †: The First Subject of Tsarist Russia in Abu Simbel: Alexander von Uexküll’s Journey to Egypt and Nubia
* Elo Süld: Muhammad: Seine Verehrung und die Polemik gegen ihn
* Mait Talts: Karlis A. M. Tennisons and Friedrich V. Lustig―First ‘Practicing’ Buddhists in Estonia
* Randar Tasmuth: The Gospel: Emperors and/or Christ
* Ülo Valk: Magic, Participation and Genre: Narrative Experiences of the Supernatural

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English, German
Peeter Espak, Märt Läänemets, Vladimir Sazonov
University of Tartu Press
435 p.
140x206, hardback