Box with 16 chocolates and a wooden cover


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Handmade chocolates. Among other designs, the box includes chocolates with the circular logo in Estonian and English and an image of the university main building.

Picture used on the chocolate: Alexander Stromberg (1892–1956). The Main Building. Colour woodcut, 1930. University of Tartu Library

Ingredients: cocoa butter, cocoa mass, sugar, cream, natural vanilla flavour, salt, chilli pepper, marzipan, dried natural Estonian berries, hazelnuts, peanut butter, glucose, nougat, lactose, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder,  concentrated whey, alcohol (approx. 2%), natural flavouring, caramel, biscuit pieces, kama (gluten), soy lecithin E322

Dimensions of the box: 18 × 19 cm

The founder of Chocolala OÜ is an alumna of the University of Tartu.

Chocolala has been chosen among the 10 best chocolate shops in the world.

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6 in stock


It’s not very common that a lawyer and a banker start to make chocolate. But this is what happened when Kristi and her husband Youssef decided to make a U-turn in life, quit their jobs and make their dream come true. Carried by their passion and drawing inspiration from nature, they created Chocolala to excite taste buds, with the scent of forests, fruits and flowers drifting from each bite.

Just imagine: chocolate with birch syrup, early-spring spruce sprouts, fresh blueberries and blackcurrants… Chocolala’s handmade chocolate made of natural ingredients will melt many hearts.

Kristi Lehtis
Manager of Chocolala OÜ