Book A hundred faces of the University of Tartu


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Compilers: Karoliina Kalda, Mariann Raisma
Published: 2019
Publisher: University of Tartu Museum
Pages: 239
Binding: hardcover
Photographer: Birgit Püve
Designer: Maarja Roosi
Language editor: Anu Lepp
Translator: Juta Ristsoo
Photos of objects: Andres Tennus
Dimensions: 21.4 × 26.6 cm

The university has our face. The face of all of us who have studied and worked here or have been impacted by the university in one way or another. This book provides a selection of the people who are shaping our alma mater today. However, we are thereby also speaking more broadly about Estonia and the world, about knowledge and society.

The book is in Estonian and English.

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