Filtering face mask with the logo of the Delta Centre


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Thanks to its comfortable design, this three-layer face mask fits different face shapesThe outer polyester layer has been treated with ViralOff®i technology which destroys 99% of viruses in two hoursThe middle layer is the unique Hyproof® nanofibre filter with a 95% efficiencyThe inner layer is made of polyesterThe mask bears the logo of the UT Delta Centre. 

The efficiency of the mask has been tested at the UT Laboratory of Environmental Physics. According to the measurements, the mask provides 96% filtration of particles of the size of viruses (100 nm), 99% filtration of fine aerosol particles (300 nm) and 99% filtration of small droplets (3,000 nm). Thus, it has a very good filtration efficiency. 

The mask comes with a storage bag and five reusable filters. 

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21 in stock