Filtering face mask


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The three-layer filtering mask with the Estonian logo of the University of Tartu is reusableThe inner and outer layer are made of lightweight and soft antibacterial polyester that allows to breathe easilyThere is a filter layer between the two polyester layersA wire in the upper rim helps to keep the mask in place and in formThe mask is blue on the outside and black on the inside. The ear loops are made of black elastic band. 

The mask’s breathability allows it to be also used while lighter physical work or less intensive sportsIt can be washed at 60 °C and disinfected in hot waterMore detailed washing and disinfecting instructions (in Estonian) are included in the package. 

The efficiency of the mask has been tested at the UT Laboratory of Environmental PhysicsAccording to the measurements, the mask provides 96% filtration of particles of the size of viruses (100 nm)98% filtration of fine aerosol particles (300 nm) and 100% filtration of small droplets (3,000 nm)Thus, the mask’s filtering capacity is very good and its breathability is better than that of surgical masks.

366 in stock

366 in stock