Honey with spruce growths, 50 g


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Ingredients: honey, freeze-dried spruce growths. Contains plenty of vitamin C and vitamin K, provitamins A, ascorbic acid and chlorophyll that all support the immune system.  

The founder of Meemeistrid OÜ is an alumna of the University of Tartu

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14 in stock


As an alumna of the University of Tartu, I know that curiosity and desire for knowledge can lead to exciting discoveries and that traditions and innovation go hand-in-hand in all distinguished research institutions. Similarly, Meemeistrid have blended the old and the new, combining classical honey and freeze-dried spruce tips in a jar. The result is a healthy sweet that tends to be gone way too quickly.   

Honey with spruce tips is one of our most exciting and beloved products. Honey has been combined with freeze-dried juice of second-year spruce tips so that the vitamins in honey are supplemented by a bunch of other vitamins. Some say it tastes a bit like eucalyptus, others say it’s like nibbling at a Christmas tree. One thing is for sure: the honey has a refreshing taste and is a great addition to smoothies, teas and porridge. 

Kristi Terep