Honey with strawberry, 50 g


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Ingredients: honey, freeze-dried strawberries  

The founder of Meemeistrid OÜ is an alumna of the University of Tartu  

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As an alumna of the University of Tartu, I know that curiosity and desire for knowledge can lead to exciting discoveries and that traditions and innovation go hand-in-hand in all distinguished research institutions. Similarly, Meemeistrid have blended the old and the new, combining classical honey and freeze-dried strawberries in a jar. The result is a healthy sweet that tends to be gone way too quickly. Had this jar been on the table at the pancake parties of geography students back in the day, it would have been gone before even touching a cake. Now, everyone can get their own jar of strawberry honey they don’t have to share.  

Meemeistrid keep their bees near Põltsamaa but spend most of their year in lovely Tartu. Another thing to connect them to the University of Tartu is the brass band Popsid, as merry as the student years.    

Kristi Terep 
Meemeistrid OÜ