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Ergonomic wooden laptop stand, handcrafted, lightweight and stylish, dimensions 25.4 (24) × 35 cm, in a gift box, with engraved logo in Estonian and Latin.

The founders of Santa Monica Solutions OÜ are alumni of the University of Tartu.

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9 in stock


The WoodEst laptop stand stemmed from a very practical problem: two master’s students of the University of Tartu had to complete their master’s thesis, but long hours behind the laptop are not good for a person’s wellbeing. Soon enough, it will result in a stiff neck and an aching back… In our freshman pledge at the beginning of our studies in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management, we had vowed to establish at least one start-up during our master’s studies, so we decided to solve this problem on our own.

Our goal was to use Estonian wood to create a minimalist and lightweight laptop stand that would be convenient to take with you. In a few weeks, the prototype of WoodEst was ready. After six months of development, we came out with the first version of the WoodEst stand and it is now used by many students, digital nomads and other laptop addicts.

Each year, more than 150 million new laptops are sold worldwide. Our mission is to convince at least 0.1% of laptop buyers to use a stand made of Estonian wood to ensure proper ergonomics and a comfortable working position.

The WoodEst
Mikk Maiste and Mikk Kimmel