Methis. Studia Humaniora Estonica 31-32. Translation and Literary Multilingualism / Tõlkimine ja kirjanduslik mitmekeelsus


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Guest editors Daniele Monticelli, Maris Saagpakk and Anna Verschik. Editor Kanni Labi, editor-in-chief Marin Laak.

The complex, multilayered and fascinating questions of multilingualism, observed in the framework of translation, constitute a focus of marked interest in contemporary translation studies. The special issue includes twelve articles by authors from internationally diverse backgrounds who study topics concerned with translating multilingual works from the perspectives of a range of languages and cultural regions. A comprehensive theoretical introduction has been provided by the special issue’s guest editors Daniele Monticelli, Maris Saagpakk and Anna Verschik.

In addition to the articles concerned with the central topic, the issue also contains a discussion of the representations of masculinity in the cinematic art of the Baltic states and an examination of the reception of the works of the Estonian poet Jaan Kaplinski in Swedish cultural space. The Review section introduces the new academic publication Journal of Literary Multilingualism and the Archival Finding section contains a survey of Ilmar Laaban’s translation manuscripts stored at the Estonian Cultural History Archives of the Estonian Literary Museum.


Online: https://doi.org/10.7592/methis.v25i31-32

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English, Estonian
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