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Scented tin candle, green


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The design of the tin of the handmade candle has been inspired by the marbled papers presented in the 2021 calendar album of the UT library, the colourful patterns of which originate from books dating back to the 18th and 19th century

The green candle is made of plant wax blend that has a crisp scent of conifers and burns without soot

The size of the tin is 6 × 7 cm and its total burning time is 25–30 hours. The candle can also be burned for longer periods (2–3 hours at a time)

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The patterns of marble stone have inspired the decoration of buildings and interior design since the antiquity. Marbling started to be used for decorating paper in Japan in the 12th century and Spaniards brought the technique to Europe. Over the centuries, it has been most popular in bookbinding – marbled paper became a valued covering material mainly for book covers, replacing expensive leather and parchment. Marbled paper that was originally handmade started to be mass-produced industrially in the first half of the 19th century